The Greater Crescent Bar Owners Association (GCBA) asked the question if Crescent Bar wanted more entertainment options, and the answer was a RESOUNDING YES!  While the final numbers are not in yet, we know we are close enough that we feel we can hold future concerts in Crescent Bar – Thank you!

The (GCBA) wants to thank you for such an amazing concert.  An event is not an event without the guests so thank you to every of the over 350 people who got tickets for this first-of-its-kind event and the 7 VIP tables sold out nearly immediately.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who attended this fun evening with the incredibly talented Nite Wave!

The event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors.  Thank you to our gold sponsors Crescent Ridge Resort and Beaumont Cellars.  

Thank you also to our silver sponsors Desert Valley Powersports, Valley Marine, SHARA, Cup & Cone, Sagecliffe Resort & Spa. 

Finally, the Sunfire Grille & Lounge and the Rivers Edge Convenience Store at Sunserra were our bronze sponsors.  Thank you, Bryan, Evelyn, Sarah, and the rest of the staff at the Sunfire Grille, you went above and beyond to keep us all in good spirits at this event.

These sponsors helped to keep our cost low and are quality exceedingly high.  Thank you to each of you for your generous support.  Please acknowledge these sponsors, thank them, and where possible patronize their businesses. 

The real effort in such an undertaking is our volunteers.  Thanks to NextDoor and other social media, we had over 20 people willing to donate their time to ensure Crescent Bar had a concert.  Thank you to each one of our volunteers who worked during the event so others could enjoy it. 

Finally, thank you to the Nite Wave band for bringing their very best to Crescent Bar.  This very popular band thanked us over and over for the opportunity to perform in our beautiful venue in front of our friends and family of Crescent Bar.  

The question now is, when is the next concert?  The answer lies in our volunteers.  We learned that we needed more people so we could lighten the load on some who spent the most time. While we had over 20 generous volunteers, as a non-profit with no paid staff, the GCBA needs to double this number for the next show, whether this year or next.  

If you are interested in helping us for the next concert, please reply or instant message me.  We are happy to offer a free ticket for every volunteer (minimum 2-hour shift).   We will go through this list and determine if we have enough helpers for our next show and determine the next possible date.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Crescent Bar.  Crescent Bar is about the people, and you proved this yet again by coming out to enjoy another beautiful night with your friends and family and helping to support our community. 

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