Our mosquito application at Sunserra was successful Thursday night, July 14.

Our applicator said we had a very successful spray application last night in Sunserra.  As you recall we were not able to complete all of Sunserra in our second spray due to a chemical shortage.  

Our applicator said the weather was ideal after dusk and we had very little wind.  He said he experienced a very high number of flying mosquitos at dusk which is ideal for our application.  He said when he was done he could see the difference in the mosquito count. He was in his side by side which gave him more flexibility to move around the community and felt very good about the application.  

It is important to understand the intent of these applications.  We are doing mosquito reduction, not mosquito elimination.  It is very important to know our applicator is doing his very best to reduce the numbers which makes a difference, but it is not possible to eradicate 100% of all mosquitos. 

As always, please communicate high mosquito concentrations as public input is necessary for us to have another application.  Thank you for all your help during this process!!

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