Mosquito Spray – Thursday, June 8th starting at approximately 7:00 PM – Weather Permitting

Your Crescent Bar community has come together again to organize an off-island community-wide mosquito spray event on June 3rd starting at approximately 7:00 PM weather permitting. The community organization which is sponsoring the spray event is called the Greater Crescent Bar Owners Association (GCBA) and is made up of members from almost all HOA’s and communities in Crescent Bar. We have arranged for the spray date and plan on using the chemical Duet. It provides many benefits – most notably it is very effective with a very low usage rate and it is safer near water than other alternatives. For more information, go to

We recommend you stay indoors Thursday evening until after the spraying is completed. If you have pet water outside, we recommend you replace it after the spray. 

The GCBA is posting signs in Crescent Bar for further notification. 

The following communities will be sprayed: 

  1. Columbia Cliffs Homeowners Association
  2. Crescent Bar Condominiums
  3. Crescent Bay Homes
  4. Crescent Bay Hotel
  5. Crescent Ridge Ranch
  6. Crescent Ridge View
  7. Crescent Ridge Vineyards
  8. Crescent View
  9. Grigg residence
  10. Oberg residence
  11. Mansfield Development Homeowners Association
  12. Sunserra
  13. The Cliffs
  14. Trinidad
  15. Trinidad Riverview Water Association
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