Amazing Summer 2023 Crescent Bar Concert Series

THANK YOU CRESCENT BAR! Thanks to you we had AMAZING summer Crescent Bar concerts! Our last one was a super groovy 70’s party with 2 bands – Mr. Pink and Brickhouse and an amazing DJ Alexander with NEARLY 600 GUESTS! We had tons of people join us for our dress-up costume party and had a tough time picking our 3 winners!

Crescent Bar Concert Volunteers

Thank you to all our volunteers who made this possible. Without your help, this concert would not be possible. All the check-in attendants and VIP tent decorators were volunteers so when you see them in CB, please thank them for holding a party for you to enjoy.

We rely on volunteers to hold these concerts so if you want to help next year, we NEED YOU! Please sign up now if you’d like us to reach out to you next year!

Donations & Sponsors | Making Crescent Bar Concerts Come True!

If you were unable to attend the concert but are happy we provided the concert for our community or you want to support future concerts please DONATE to the GCBA. Every concert we make better than the last one and with your help, we can have MORE than 600 guests in 2024!

Finally, our concert would not be spectacular if it were not for our sponsors. These companies supported the GCBA and Crescent Bar by paying much of the concert expenses so we could keep ticket prices low. Please support these businesses – HR Spinner Corporation(season sponsor), Bob Feil Boats & Motors(stage sponsor), Crescent Ridge(Gold sponsor), and our bronze sponsors Beaumont Cellars Winery, Crescent Bar Vacation Rentals, Crescent Bar Excursions, Rivers Edge Convenience Store At Sunserra, Desert Valley Powersports, and Valley Marine.

The Greater Crescent Bar Association (GCBA) is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to make Crescent Bar the premier riverfront community in the Northwest. Whether fireworks or concerts, we are proud to bring first-class entertainment to your Crescent Bar and within a short walk or golf cart ride.

Please follow us on Facebook and here on our site to keep you, your family, and friends up to date on EVERYTHING FUN IN CRESCENT BAR! Share this with your friends of Crescent Bar so we can reach them also.

Thank you, CB! Get ready to party next year!

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